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Pro2 Recording Studio

The control room is spacious, easily housing the technology and leaving room for two or more people to work side by side in comfort. It is designed with no opposing walls making it a blank canvas aurally.

Pro 2 offers the highest levels of quality and service in a relaxed and productive setting. We can tailor our service to meet your technical, artistic and budgetary needs, whatever the project; from a promotional Demo, to a fully mastered release. We have a team of experienced engineers, composers and production staff in-house. We also offer in-house session musicians whose credits include Kula Shaker, Corrine Bailey Rae, Berlinda Carlisle, Kanye West, The Supremes, Edwin Star, Lilly Allan, Beautiful South, and many more.

Control Room

The control room is acoustically  designed for mixing and mastering. With Bower and wilkins nautilus 801`s and AC climate control making it a very comfortable environment to work in

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