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Pro2 Recording Studio
Live Rooms Band Gear


Monitoring from B & W Nautilus 801s

Classe, Chord and Crest Power Amps

Recording System 1

Protools HD3 including all latest  plug-ins

Prism ADA8 convertors, 48 I/O

Digidesign Midi I/O

Recording System 2




Ampex Atr 102

Manley Slam Mastering

Manley Massive Passive

Otari MTR12

Prism ADA8 Convertors

Weiss EQ1

Prism Maselec Mastering EQ

Phoenix Thermionic Culture Vari mu compressor

Phoenix Culture Vulture

Millenia (Twin optoCompressor)

Chandler Ltd2

Chandler Ltd2

Headphone Monitoring:

4 way Headphone Monitor Mix available in all rooms

(Beyerdynamic & Sennheiser Headsets)

Processing includes;

Prism Maselec 4 band EQ

Phoenix Culture Vulture (distortion / harmonic dist)

Phoenix Thermionic Culture (compressor)

Manley Slam Mastering

Manley Massive Passive

Millenia Twin Compressor

Neve 33609 Bus compressor

API 550`s

Chandler Ltd2

Chandler Ltd2

Weiss EQ1

Empirical Labs Distresser (compressor)

Focusrite ISA430

Focusrite ISA428 4 channel mic pre-amp

Focusrite ISA220

Focusrite ISA220

Focusrite Red

Universal Audio 1176

Teletronix LA2A

DBX Compressors / Gates

SPL Bass enhancers x2

Drawmer Compressors / Gates

AMS Neve RMX16 Reverberation Unit

Lexicon pcm  96 Reverbs

Lexicon pcm  42 Delay

T.L. Audio EQ2

SSL  X  Rack  8 eq `s

Alesis quadreverb

SPL De esser

Eventide Harmoniser

Eventide Ultra Harmonizer

SPL Stereo width enhancers x4

TLA Crimson EQ

DBX 902 de esser x2

Orban de esser

DBX  multi band xover

Dod   multiband xover

Great British Spring Reverb

Drawmer 3 sum

Aphex Bass enhancer

Microphones include;

The Bottle (Blue), Neumann U87, Neumann 149, Neumann KM184,

Royer Sf12,  SE Gemini,

Coles 4038,Coles 4038 Ribbon Mics,

AKG 414, AKG C451, Sennheiser MD421,

Beta87, Beta57, Beta52, Shure 57 SM 57, AKG 414, AKG C451, SM 57, AKG C451,

EV RE20, Sennheiser MD421, SM 57, SM 58, SM 57, AKG D112, SM 57, SM 57,


Marshall Double Superlead +4x12 cab

Ashdown 300watt Bass stack

Gibson Les Paul Classic

Fender strat guitar {single coils)

Fender Jazz Bass

Takemine acoustic guitar

Yamaha nylon Acoustic

Ventura Fretless Bass


Pearl Select Drum kit + Choice of  3 Snares

Akai S500 plus extensive sample library

Access Virus

JV2080 plus 2 dance cards

Alesis DM5

Korg M1 / Roland U20

Digitech Guitar Processors

Sony mini disc player

Teac tape recorder

Sony Record Player







Percussion sets


We are running over 500 different

Plugins and soft synths. Too many to list. Here are some of them.

Waves, ssl, Ativerb, Slate digital,

Sonny Oxford, Sonalksis, Sound Toys, and many  many  more.